Venezuela Wedding Traditions

Venezuelan wedding practices are as unique and diverse because the people that celebrate these people. From pre-wedding rituals to post-wedding celebrations, these classic customs undoubtedly are a fun method to honor the couple’s union.

Music & Flow:

From jugo and merengue to reggaeton and vallenato, music is an important part of a Venezuelan wedding ceremony. These Latin American sorte are popular with regards to weddings as they have ethnic meaning for the purpose of both the couple and friends attending the ceremony.

The wedding procession:

The bride and groom happen to be escorted down the aisle in entrance of their friends. This kind of tradition is a symbol of the beginning of a fresh life along which is often accompanied by dances by traditional Venezuelan instruments like maracas or cuatros.

Rose girl:

An additional popular wedding ceremony custom in Venezuela certainly is the flower woman, who would wear the same apparel as the bride. Sometimes, the bloom girl has been known to carry a bouquet of flowers.

Engagement ring bearer:

The ring bearer is a child who keeps the bride’s ring. This custom may vary depending on the kids age.

Down charm necklaces:

In Venezuela, it is common for people to give friends and family feather charm bracelet being a symbol great luck. In the same way, guests can be online dating site reviews 1022 given tricky good luck gold coins, which in turn speak with respect to the apostles of Jesus and stand for prosperity and prosperity in the matrimony.

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